What I have Learned in Social Cognition

This blog post will not be a ordinary blog post, and is being dedicated to what I have learned in my social cognition class. It had a very unique class structure and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked writing the weekly blogs and it made me do my own research and enquiry into the field, instead … Continue reading What I have Learned in Social Cognition


Synthesis Of Fandom

So far I have looked at four different fandoms in my blogs. Sports, cosplayers, hobbyists, and celebrity fandoms. In these fandoms I have looked at unique aspects and studies impacting each one. Each one, however, relies on theories pertaining to social identity theory and imagined community. In this blog I am going to go over … Continue reading Synthesis Of Fandom

Generation X, Social Media, and Narcissism

This blog post is from my talk on Tuesday which was centred around why your parents consume more social media than you. Yes, you read that right, if you are a 35 years old and younger (Millennials, or generation Y if you prefer), while your parents are 35-49 (Generation X, or Echo Boomers), then your parents actually consume … Continue reading Generation X, Social Media, and Narcissism