What I have Learned in Social Cognition

This blog post will not be a ordinary blog post, and is being dedicated to what I have learned in my social cognition class. It had a very unique class structure and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked writing the weekly blogs and it made me do my own research and enquiry into the field, instead of just learning it in class. I learned much more about social cognition this way then I would have in any regular class  room. It helped improve my researching skills, along with my ability to write on what I am searching.

Some of the subjects that I have researched and written blogs on include, fatherhood/marriage,  break-ups, drug abuse, social media/narcissism, and the fan identity. I have learned much on these subjects from writing and researching them for my blog. But the most impotent thing I learned was how to self teach myself in a field that I was completely new too. This skill is very important and I am glade that this class pushed me to try my hardest to teach myself and be independent.

I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is thinking bout taking it, I loved it and will defiantly be searching for more classes like it. Thank you all for reading my blogs, I have had a blast writing them and responding to your questions. If you would like to reach me my email is again aidan.miller@me.com.


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